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The Sweet Logistics Success Story of Zappo Chews

zappo chews

Amidst the ever-changing tides of global trade, our Natrio Global Logistics and fulfillmate USA teams shine as beacons of innovation, efficiency, and unwavering commitment.

Bringing the beloved Australian Zappo Chews to the USA market

The Natrio Global Logistics and fulfillmate teams have assisted the major Australian-based confectionary distributor to enter the vast USA market for the first time ever. They represent some household names here in Australia you will see in the confectionary isle of any supermarket or convenience store and your favourite lolly shop, including Zappo chews.

We’ve have assisted with shipping, import customs clearance including FDA necessities and pickup from Long Beach and deliver to San Diego.

At the time of writing, we had 2 x 20′ Reefers of various flavours of Zappo chews sitting in Busan Port, South Korea ready to sail to our fulfillmate distribution centre in San Diego, USA.

General Manager of Natrio Global Logistics Mark Bramich notes, “As I sit here in sunny Tasmania and read endless articles about the ongoing and longstanding pay dispute again affecting USA West Coast Ports, I feel blessed to have such a good Team in USA, who despite all the challenges this week with severe lack of slots to pull ladens from Long Beach and return empties was able to get two reefers filled floor to ceiling with delicious Zappo Chews delivered to fulfillmate San Diego without a cent of port demurrage or container detention saving us a million emails trying to dispute with the carrier. Great work team!”

We love helping companies enter new markets and we get as much of a buzz from it as you may by downing a pack of Zappo chews.

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