Natrio Global Logistics

Natrio Global Logistics leading the way for export of Australian grown plantation timber.

Propelling The Global Timber Trade

At Natrio Global Logistics, we pride ourselves on handling complex logistics needs.  Exporting timber is one good example.  Over the last four years, we have built a strong partnership with a leading Australian Agribusiness as their preferred logistics partner for exporting various species of plantation timber globally.

We have successfully handled numerous shipments for various buyers and have more in the pipeline.  This type of shipment involves managing multiple stakeholders and regulatory complexity and demonstrates the need for top-notch communication and agility to work across various countries and time zones. 

Complexity of the logistics required

  1. Trucking from the plantation to the packing site.
  2. Outdoor and undercover storage of the cut material.
  3. Various Government inspections.
  4. Packing into shipping containers.
  5. Fumigation.
  6. All necessary customs and Government documentation for export.   
  7. Shipping to destination country.
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