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Natrio Global Logistics Empowering AgBoss Australia’s Global Expansion

Agboss Global Expansion

At Natrio Global Logistics, we’re not just moving “stuff.” We’re fueling dreams, enabling growth, and propelling visions to new heights. The excitement is palpable as we partner with AgBoss Australia, an innovative manufacturer poised to conquer the USA market and make a resounding impact.

What’s in the AgBoss carton below you ask? First product about to set sail to the USA is the answer. How exciting, to be involved with such a progressive Australian manufacturer about take the USA market by storm and Natrio Global Logistics has the distinct pleasure of helping them by moving their product into our fulfillmate distribution centres. The first container of many will set sail later this week bound for Long Beach then we will collect and unpack into our San Diego facility ready for customers to start hitting the BUY button. Exciting times ahead for AgBoss Australia. Great work Team!

AgBoss Australia team

About AgBoss Australia

Build tough to ‘Get The Job Done’, AgBoss is a second-generation advanced manufacturing company with elite capabilities in plastic and steel production. Offering services across product design, marketing and logistics, AgBoss is your partner in Agricultural, Lifestyle and Commercial OEM products.

AgBoss Manufacturing has a 110,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility conveniently located in Albury/Wodonga NSW.

“When you buy Australian, you support Australia – you create jobs and economic activity while enjoying products made to some of the highest standards in the world. Look out for the Australian Made logo when you shop to be sure you’re buying genuinely Aussie!”

Proudly Australian Made.

Talking about AgBoss recently, Natrio Global Logistics General Manager Mark Bramich said, “I strongly feel It’s always refreshing to take an active interest in what your customers are actually shipping rather than purely see it as volume, revenue and margin. Here is a impressive piece of kit the Natrio GL Team moved for AgBoss Australia recently from overseas in three containers. These guys are really setting up to provide local jobs to support local manufacturing and doing their bit to re-ignite “Australian Made”. Very excited to partner with this great bunch of people and support their growth and vision over the coming years.” 

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